Theism vs Atheism

Millions all over the whole world put their faith in God, bestowed by Gods presence they flock as birds and praise the lord. A life revolved around God’s will and none are free of God’s will.

Others believe no such creator exists. A human conscious is only a manifestation of their own inner chemistry controlled by the individual persona itself.

A debate of infinite opinions yet no proof to support one or the other. Yet both sectors cohere in everyday life, sports and music events showing the unity within us all.

Image of a religious painting
Image of a marquee outside a church
Festival Marquee Hire

Over the vast number of years, the team at Ruby’s has supplied marquees and equipment to events in London and outside of London. We have covered a vast range of events from:

  • Sports Events
  • Music Festuvals
  • Religious Festivals
  • Community Events

Our wide range of strong and robust marquees makes us a reliable choice when taking into account the mass number of people attending these events and the temperamental British weather. The strength and robustness of our marquees ensures health and safety measures are met as our first priority is the safety of our clients and their audience.

Religious Festivals

The founders of Ruby’s marquees come from a rich heritage of cultural and religious backgrounds. With ancestry in India and Africa, they were bought up in households with strong religious beliefs. Having this upbringing led the team to undertaking many jobs for religious festivals in the early years of the company. As a result, over the years we as a company have specific marquee designs and linen for Indian religious festivals and Indian Weddings.

To view these specific designs, browse our website or contact us via our number or contacts form.

Image of a marquee in London