In standard marquees (without lining and draping) multiple singular lightbulbs are usually attached to the roof of the marquee. On the contrary in lined and draped marquees chandeliers are attached to the roof of the marquee. The number of chandeliers used varies with the size of the marquee (generally the longer the marquee the number of chandeliers used increases to provide the optimal amount of lighting).

At Ruby’s we stock a variety of chandeliers for marquees. To gain a full insight into the chandeliers we stock and their relevant prices its advised to get in touch with us via our number +44 (0) 79561 130016 as our stock tends to change season to season.

Image of chandeliers in a marquee
Image of a marquee with white lining as well as starlight lining

Starlight lining is a premium and unique feature in a marquee. Clients tend to choose this option for late night parties. Starlight lining consists of hundreds of miniscule lightbulbs attached to a cloth of black lining. Essentially starlight lining mimics the view that the naked human eye sees when gazing upon a clear night sky with stars twinkling in the distance.

We incorporate this piece as a substitute to regular white/ivory lining across the roof and walls. Usually our clients only have 1 section of the marquee covered in starlight lining, however we are open to customers opting for more sections covered in starlight lining.


LED lighting is fairly new technology to the marquee industry. LED lighting can be used nearly anywhere in a marquee including at the bar, dancefloor, uplighters etc. At Ruby’s marquees, we cohere with many companies within the events industry, therefore we can arrange the exact sort of lighting clients require. Please get in touch with us to discuss details further.

Image of a well lit marquee at night